Mike and Tabitha discuss:

-Juneteenf shootouts

-'New Coke' political wrestling

-The spirit of fear and neo-judaic feudalism

-Not keeping up with the zio-dindu media

-White spiritual reset and creating our own revolution

-Sowing racial division

-Giving up con-spiracies

-Old news propaganda vs. modern news propaganda

-Losing the victim mindset

-Floyd holohoax statues

-Birding attempts to get die-versified

-Guidos, Africans, and Bonobos

Tabitha talks about:

-Why is humanity ill?

-'Dad bod' is an anti-White psyop

-Endocrine disruptors and how to mitigate

-Modern die-t and male homosexuality

-How to detox estrogen

Mike and Tabitha discuss:

-The magnet Hegelian dialectic

-Apocalyptic pantry ideas

-Info structure, 24/7 deliveries, and talmudic doorbells

-Buck breaking and the humiliation agenda

-The signs of dying society

-Margaret Sanger statues removed from Planned Parenthood

-Climate refugees and depopulation

-Real eugenics vs. dysgenics

-Oy vey superbug fear porn to cause division

-How the talmudic magic tricks work

Mike and Tabitha discuss:

-Nuremberg Code 2.0

-Muzzie privilege on the job

-Big meat promotes tranny meat to make $$$

-Netanyahu is out, Naftali Bennet is in as PM

-Cuomo rally snare

-Mike & Tabitha's psychedelic political reality show

-Wu-tang lab hoax

-The Ron Desantis psyop

-Privatizing schools and techno-corporate communism

-NYC's subway cars are filth central

-The real Right vs. the real Left

-Boycott Chipotle now!

-Music, awakening and the ebonification of White music

This episode originally aired November 14th, 2019 - way, way back before the inception of The American National Radio Network!  

First show that Mike and Tabitha did together.  Topics include what's healthy, what's unhealthy and much more.    

Tabitha talks about:

-Kundalini science views on man and woman

-Women's cycles and the seasons of life

-judeo feminism vs. Aryan feminism

-National Socialists Women's League

-Feminism and the 'far right'

-Erasing women from periods, pregnancy and parenting

-Cultural feminism and how it relates to NS or racial views

-The Nordic model

This show originally aired September 5th, 2019

Tabitha discusses neo-language being added to the dictionary, positive emotions and inflammation, oak folklore, golden blood, the dangers of glutamate, race and dating, racial differences within the organs of the body, sexual anthropology and steatopygia.

This show originally aired June 6th, 2019

Tabitha talks about men’s health, cayenne, rooibos tea, gives a recipe for a hydrating fruit cooler, eggplant sushi, Oakland’s decriminalization of psychedelics, the origins of the word love, earwax and race, racial odors and the predilections of cannibalism and how to make herb infused oils.

Fruit Cooler:
64 oz. glass mason jar with lid
1 cup of berries
1/2 lemon or lime
a pinch of Celtic sea salt
2 tablespoons of honey
8 cups of filtered water

Add 2 cups of water to a glass bender with the rest of the ingredients and blend to combine.  Pour into mason jar and top with the remaining water. Put in the refrigerator to chill.

Mike and Tabitha discuss:

-Diaper Trump humiliation ritual 

-Kabbalah Carlson eats bugs

-Scaling back on negative content

-OYYID-AI is yesterday's newsprint

-Staying away from Dr. Zog

-1970's TV - game shows, sitcoms and comedy

-Escapism comes in many forms

-Nature is ours and camping

-Seeing miscegenation everywhere

-California dreamin' 

Tabitha talks about:


-Jazz Jennings' 'penis party'

-Sissy hypno pornography is turning straight men into feminized trannies

-List of companies that promote transsexualism

-Various tranny news stories

List: https://archive.is/aHGHo

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